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Peter Crane (The Scarlet Ibis), Benjamin Heller (Sunken Cathedral), Dorian Šilec Petek (Toxic Psalms), Atisha Paulson (Kansas City Choir Boy), Jill Steinberg (Aging Magician), Noah Stern Weber (Timur and the Dime Museum)

Kestutis Serulevicius (Have A Good Day!), C. Stanley Photography (Paul's Case), Joel Simon (Visitations: "Theotokia" and "The War Reporter"), Derek Brad (Angel's Bone), Esty Stein (Sky-Pony), James Duncan Davidson (Elizaveta)

David Degner (Sumeida's Song), Jill Steinberg (Aging Magician, Soldier Songs), Merri Cyr (David T. Little), Stephen Taylor (Newspeak), Sandra Powers (Timur and the Dime Museum), Peter Crane (Scarlet Ibis), Alban Andreu (Weights and Balances)


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