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Artist’s Praise

...jaw-droppingly talented...
— Glamour

…a perfectly sweet combination of pop, electronic, and opera that features her dreamy vocals and 19th-meets-21st century mentality.
— Nylon

Elevating music to new heights, Elizaveta continues her role as a brilliant musical innovator who can honestly claim to be doing new things in music that no one else is.
— CBS Los Angeles

She vaults across multiple octaves effortlessly, performing a jaw-dropping run of arpeggios with a full-bodied, rich tone as she sings about embracing limitless possibilities…a refreshing new talent.
— Slant

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About the Show

Elizaveta's show is a heady mixture of opera, pop, jazz and soul. Stir in some beats, flawless live looping and a live band to support her, and it is easy to understand why she acquired the '5th Element' monicker: it's an experience that truly transports the audience, as Elizaveta effortlessly shifts between styles, eras and sounds in a successful bid to marry the 19th and 21st centuries via musical means.

Elizaveta’s tapestry of influences ranges from Bach to Bjork, producing a sound that is extraordinarily moving and unique. Her 2012 debut album ‘Beatrix Runs’ (Universal Republic) is both a compelling and thoughtful modern opera-meets-pop masterpiece and a collection of original songs that could possibly change the landscape of popular music upon their release. And it’s definitely an ambitious endeavor at which the multi-instrumentalist chanteuse and composer definitely succeeds, as she mixes up a brew of pop, opera, classical and soul.

To perfect the mastery of her Art, the “alchemist” has traveled halfway across the planet and back. Though she was born in New York City, Elizaveta grew up Moscow, Russia, playing her grandparents’ piano, as she cultivated her “opera-pop” vision and style. 

Elizaveta’s music has been featured in films and TV shows, such as Pretty Little Liars, So You Think You Can Dance and Scandal, among others. She has toured widely both in Europe and the United States and was invited to perform at the renowned the TED Global Conference in June 2013. She is slated to release her second album in early 2014 and embark upon a world tour shortly thereafter.

Location: Joe's Pub, 425 Lafayette St, New York, 10003

~60 min

Artist Bio

As a young girl growing up in Moscow, playing on her grandparents’ piano, Elizaveta was writing poems and songs by the age of 5. She pursued a general music course – loving every kind of music from Bach to Bjork – until she got to the Prague Academy of Music and found that her lovely voice might actually be of operatic proportions. She dutifully studied opera, but the call of her eclectic tastes got the better of her. She released two EPs of her own music, Breakfast with Chopin and Like Water, then inked a deal with Universal Republic Records to make her first full length album. It became her major label debut ‘Beatrix Runs’, produced by Greg Wells (Adele, Katy Perry, Rufus Wainwright) and featuring the iTunes Single of the Week ‘Dreamer’.

Elizaveta’s songs have been featured in film and on prime time TV and she has performed at the prestigious TED Global Conference 2013. She is slated to release her follow-up album in early 2014.

Artist Statement

Alchemy and music are similar in nature.  You throw seemingly disparate elements in a pot. If you do it correctly, they’re transmuted and something else takes form. I take opera, electronic beats, piano hooks and a pop melody and create a song. The ingredients work in concert and the end product becomes an emotional auditory experience.  It’s 19th Century meets the 21st.