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Artist’s Praise

Like a 1960s girl group on crack—tight, fierce, hilarious and out of their minds.
— Heidi Waleson, The Wall Street Journal

This band makes great music, and this isn't' gonna be just a straight up performance.
— podcast, Maxamoo

Brooklyn-based indie rock band Sky-Pony isn’t your average group. They incorporate costumes, choreography and mixed media elements in their high-energy shows.
— New York Daily News

Sky-Pony is not the simplest band to classify. They actually may not be best described as a band at all. Sky-Pony could be seen just as well as a burlesque show or carnival of sorts.
— Deli Magazine

Worsham plays the indie chanteuse as she sings the Obie Award-winning Jarrow’s songs, tuneful pop compositions whose cleverly simple lyrics chart the ups and downs of romance.
— Showbusiness Weekly

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About the Show

Since its formation in January 2012, Sky-Pony has garnered a cult following for sets that blur the line between rock concert and theatrical event.  The band serves up lush, lyrical, often cheeky indie-pop in shows that incorporate costumes, choreography and projections.

As part of the Prototype Festival, Sky-Pony presents four themed nights of performance inspired by the FOUR HUMORS of the Classical World.  From the Greeks up through the Elizabethans, western culture believed that different bodily fluids were linked to fundamental personality types. There was the Melancholic (heartbroken and yearning), the Sanguine (pleasure-seeking and joyous), the Phlegmatic (thoughtful and reflective), and the Choleric (hot-tempered and vengeful).  Sky-Pony serves up four unique sets on four consecutive nights, each inspired by one of these humors.

The Brooklyn-based band is a collaboration between singer/actress Lauren Worsham (A Gentleman’s Guide to Love and Murder on Broadway, Turn of the Screw at NY City Opera, Dog Days with BMP and Montclair Peak Performance)  and her musician/writer husband Kyle Jarrow (Obie Award winning playwright and composer, known for A Very Merry Unauthorized Children’s Scientology Pageant, Whisper House, as well as his past bands Super Mirage and The Fabulous Entourage). 

Sky-Pony also features the sizeable talents of guitarist Kevin Wunderlich, drummer Perry Silver, bassist Eric Day, cellist David Blasher, and a rotating crew of backup singer/dancers including Jessi Suzuki, Lizzie O'Hara, Megan Stern, Tiffany Franke, and Kristin Piacentile.

Sky-Pony has played sold-out sets at venues including Joe's Pub, Mercury Lounge and the Knitting Factory. Last fall, they created and performed a site-specific theater event called RAPTURED,produced by Off-Broadway theater group The Play Company.  To date, their discography includes two EPs: Say You Love Me Like You Mean It and Raptured Live.

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Location: HERE, 145 6th Ave, New York, NY 10013

60 min


Band members:
Lauren Worsham (lead vocals)
Kyle Jarrow (keyboard, vocals)
David Blasher (cello)
Eric Day (bass)
Lizzie O’Hara (vocals)
Kristin Piacentile (vocals)
Perry Silver (drums)
Jessi Suzuki (vocals)
Kevin Wunderlich (guitar)

Projection Design: Chris & Quin Krovatin

Sky-Pony is also going to have a different special guest joining them at each show:
Friday 1/10 - Actress Hanna Cheek, reading a monologue by Clay McLeod Chapman of the Pumpkin Pie Show
Saturday 1/11 - Acrobats Ben Franklin and Joshua Dean
Sunday 1/12 - Beatboxer Adam Matta
Monday 1/13 - Visual Artist Caitlin Allen

Artist Statement

Sky-Pony is all about exploring (and pushing) the boundary between rock concert and theatrical event.  All of its members have backgrounds in both music and performance, and the band reflects these joint obsessions -- often combining them with cheekily philosophical lyrics.  We believe that in this age of home theaters and instantly-downloadable entertainment, live art can and should provide an experience that's uniquely engrossing and surprising.  That's what we endeavor to serve up.  We can guarantee a rocking good time -- and we'll do our very best to blow your mind.