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Bluebeard—  A Virtual Opera Video

POSTED BY courtney Tuesday 12/04/12 04:08PM

They create images, atmospheres and theatrical scenes, primarily using projections to tell a story. Their approach is to visualize virtual, multilayered and mysterious spaces that change constantly. During their time as students at ArtEZ in Zwolle, Douwe Dijkstra, Coen Huisman and Jules van Hulst, the three members of the artist Collectief 33-1/3, participated in a range of projects, including The Falls, an experimental opera, based on one of Peter Greenaway’s earliest works, in which Greenaway himself was closely involved.

In 2008, and more or less by chance, the three artists were invited to present a project at the ZwArt festival in Zwolle. Praying With A Hat On was the first project in which they created a sur-reality by using projectors. A year later, again at the ZwArt Festival, the three produced a new work, Underexposed. Michael de Roo, director of VoiZ, the Chamber Opera Festival Zwolle, supervised the project and its success marked an important step in a new direction.

After having created Underexposed, Michael de Roo invited the group to produce a contemporary version of the Bluebeard’s myth. In Collectief 33-1/3’s Bluebeard, the male protagonist is not illustrated by a performing actor, but his presence and warnings are subconsciously felt and experienced by the audience and the virtual Judith makes it seem that what is happening is behind closed doors. As a result the audience feels as if they are inside the chambers, witnessing and undergoing Judith’s destiny. Through this approach, virtual, multilayered, mysterious and constantly changing spaces are visualized and projected onto the floor as well as onto the geometrical environment of a large (sometimes pivoting) cube.

Posted with permission from the Nederland American Fall 2012 Newsletter. 

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