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Timur the Battlestar…

POSTED BY courtney Friday 11/23/12 10:35AM

I am a HUGE fan of the Battlestar Galactica series and the whole sci-fi universe. It hasn't influenced our visual style so much, but I find myself fully enveloped in the glam aspect of it during the performance: the stars, galaxies, infinite dark spaces. Personally, I am constantly fascinated by the poetic sensibilities of those unknown horizons to be discovered and unravelled.



The galactic theme of our show is a theme of questioning the unknown while discovering it, with all the sparkles, costumes, LED-lights, wild songs, and intense, rocket-fuel energy we can muster!

In 2010, after graduating from CalArts, I was putting the band together for an appearance on America's Got Talent, an awkward universe in its own right. When half of the audience booed us off stage, and the other half really embraced what we were performing  -a cover of Klaus Nomi-  we were sharply struck by the obvious cultural divide and felt more keenly than ever the need to create for our audience an encounter with something strange, weird, and even a bit lonely. Something emanating from a far removed, space-like universe. We embraced the punk of the distressed and disturbed over the classical polish and refinement,  a reaction to overproduction. Leaving things slightly undone, with flaws, or discovering the early roots of the glam, using the cheapest and shiniest hand-made materials available. Adding the galactic element to the flow of our ideas resonated not just in the fervor of youthful arrogance, but also in its epic, majestic visual appearance.

The video design, which will be used in the performance, sometimes abstract and sometimes realistic, is one way to dream about it. And the most important element of what we do is to allow all of the influences---classical, indie, experimental, electronic (even my own Kazakh ethno-folk)--- to leave an imprint on each song, like a petroglyph on a stone, or river bed formation on Mars. Theatrically amplified, of course...

Perhaps, looking at our show through the prism of Screamin' Jay Hawkins, Pigs in Space, punk-opera and David Bowie might be a good way of capturing the spirit of it.

-- Timur Bekbosunov, November 2012

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