Shows: Event Listing

Fellow Travelers

January 12 – January 14 | $30-$75 | $25 with PROTO Pack | $70 with Premium PROTO Pack

New York Premiere 

Fellow Travelers is an extraordinary personal journey through the intriguing, gut-wrenching world of the 1950s American witch-hunts, its deceits and betrayals, and the often-overlooked “Lavender Scare.” 


January 9 – January 14 | $30-$75 | $25 with PROTO Pack | $70 with Premium PROTO Pack

World Premiere, Chamber Version

In the new opera Acquanetta, the spirit of 1940s horror movies is turned inside out in a bravura, one-act deconstruction of the genre that explores how vision relates to identity.

The Echo Drift

January 10 – January 20 | $30-$75 | $24 with PROTO Pack | $70 with Premium PROTO Pack

World Premiere

Convicted murderer Walker Loats must choose between serving her time in solitary and taking a shortcut to rig the game in her favor. The Echo Drift explores the freewheeling nature of the mind when it is robbed of external stimuli.

Black Inscription

January 11 – January 20 | $30 | $24 with PROTO Pack

World Premiere | Multi-Media Concert

With three veteran creators drawing on the most powerful aspects of rock, classical, and pop music, Black Inscription is a multimedia contemporary song cycle that plunges into the earth’s final frontier and exposes our ever-changing grasp of it.


January 15 – January 20 | $30-$75 | $24 with PROTO Pack | $70 with Premium PROTO Pack

US Premiere

An extraordinary Ukrainian opera named for the Hebrew word for Job, IYOV blends an emotional journey, the birth of a new sound, and the endless possibilities of the human voice. 


January 13 – January 14 | $30 | $24 with PROTO Pack

US Premiere

Secrets conveys anonymous testimonies from audiences concerning life, love, and death. The sung, whispered, or projected passages will be recognizable for the ‘authors’ of the secrets, while transcending the individual experience with their deeply human, universal dimension.  

Stranger Love

January 16 – January 17 | $30 | $24 with PROTO Pack

Work-in-Progress Concert

Stranger Love is a love story and the story of love, unfolding to the rhythm of the seasons. Set against the ever-expanding universe, the opera unfolds on vast time-scale in a grand celebration of life itself.



January 20

Sága is a theatrical song cycle, which deals with “homecoming” as its main theme. The songs emanate from the continuous search for ideal geographical and spiritual surroundings.

PROTOTYPE: Out of Bounds

January 11 – January 19

PROTOTYPE presents its second iteration of Out of Bounds, a series of short, free performances of new works in public spaces. 

Sunday, January 7th

Come mingle with Metropolitan Opera stars, downtown theater artists, and the visionary PROTOTYPE Directors for an intimate evening that sets the tone for an exhilarating festival ahead. Bottoms up! 


PROTOTYPE is pleased to offer a series of  panels, and talkbacks, with pioneering artists and visionary leaders in the opera-theatre and music-theatre world.