World Premiere Installation

Ocean Body

Launches January 9 at 12pm | Available January 9-16 at HERE Mainstage from 12-9pm daily, by appointment only
Members only hours available
Artist Conversation January 14 at 5pm

There will be an artist conversation January 14 at 5pm.

Song, conversations, and new compositions merge with DeChiazza’s original footage of the two women together and alone in the waters of the Gulf Coast, to create a multi-sensory experience of a place where sand, sun, and water, surround experiences of intense communion and also of profound isolation.

Diptych cinematic imagery makes poignant and visceral the impossibility of an easily shared truth, presenting imperfectly parallel viewpoints that might frame a subject similarly, but will never match. The films depict Davis and Nova interconnected within a sculptural dress built for two, by artist Annica Cuppetelli. Tethered, the two cannot avoid affecting each other, as the actions of one will move, confine, support, or even wholly re-shape the other.

Ocean Body examines the sometimes conflicting needs for union and autonomy within a friendship, and how we continually discover each other in new and transformational ways.

  • A woman in a white shirt emerges from the water
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  • A woman in white fabric lays in a body of water reflecting the sunset
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Helga Davis

Shara Nova

Mark DeChiazza