Concert Reading

Angel’s Bone

January 12 & 15, 2014 at Trinity Church

Angel’s Bone follows the plight of two fallen angels whose nostalgia for earthly delights finds them far from heaven. They are found battered and bruised by a man and his wife, known only as Mr. and Mrs. X.E., who have longed for a better life than their modest middle-class status and bring them into their home and set out to nurse them back to health: they bathe them, wash the dirt from their nails…then lock them in the root cellar and decide that this is their chance to be wealthy and legendary.


The story is told through Royce Vavrek’s riveting libretto and Du Yun’s eclectic music: part chamber music, theatre, pop music, opera, cabaret, and involving visual arts and noise, forming a harmonious and moving piece.


The presentation is a co-production with Trinity Wall Street, conducted by Julian Wachner. The first chamber version of the piece was commissioned by the Mann Center for the Performing Arts.

Performed by:

Jennifer Charles from Elysian Fields
Abigail Fischer
Mark Kudisch
Peter Tantsits


Andrew Baker (Tuba)
Tom Bergeron (Trumpet)
Stuart Breczinski (Oboe)
Jay Campbell (Cello)
Catherine Rose Gregory (Flute)
Romie de Guise-Langlois (Clarinet)
Ian Rosenbaum (Percussion)
Daniel Swenberg (Lute)