American Premiere

The Last Hotel

January 8-10, 12, 15-17, 2016 at St. Ann's Warehouse

A St. Ann’s Warehouse Presentation of a Landmark Productions and Wide Open Opera Production


A beautiful woman meets a couple in an hotel parking lot by the sea. All three are nervous. A kinetic concierge will bear witness to fulfillment of their pact. Enda Walsh’s first opera finds humor in both the banal and the dire — from the mundane everyday to choices of life vs. death, and Donnacha Dennehy’s thrumming, pulsating score hopscotches between delicacy and intensity in the raw, tender The Last Hotel.


The Last Hotel is supported by piece by piece productions, The Arts Council Ireland, and Culture Ireland.


Photos by Teddy Wolff.

Woman – Claudia Boyle
Husband – Robin Adams
Wife – Katherine Manley
Caretaker – Mikel Murfi
Woman (London) – Aoife Miskelly