World Premiere


The directors of PROTOTYPE Festival have made the difficult decision to postpone this year’s tenth anniversary season to January of 2023.

The story of two men in working-class Dublin, both trapped within their own lives. Set in a cheap hotel room, Older Man has solicited Young Man for a sexual encounter, a ritual that has happened many times before. Older Man is trapped by his marriage, his sexuality, and his deepening feelings for Young Man. Young Man is trapped by his need for money to support a young baby. In this dingy hotel room, they wrestle with their own inner demons and their need for each other.

Co-commissioned by Beth Morrison Projects, Irish National Opera, Trinity Wall Street, and Nancy & Barry Sanders. Additional production support provided by Virginia B. Toulmin Charitable Foundation, Antonia & Vladimer Kulaev Cultural Heritage Fund,Inc, Elizabeth Greenberg, and Culture Ireland.

Ticket buyers will receive communication from the festival and its various box offices about ticketing options this week.

Emma O'Halloran

Mark O'Halloran

Tom Creed

Julian Wachner