Vodalities, Paradigms of Consciousness for the Human Voice

January 10-21

Vodalities, Paradigms of Consciousness for the Human Voice seeks to illuminate the different modalities of the vocal arts utilized by not only composer and performing artist Shodekeh Talifero, but vocalists all over the world. Composed specifically for Sō Percussion, the two movements focus on the vocal modalities, or “vodalities” of Breath Art, Vocal Percussion, and Beatboxing. Sō’s challenge was to listen to, learn, and enjoy each vocal movement; transcribe the pieces from a hip hop-based oral tradition to a system of western notation; and finally, through “technique transcription,” determine which percussion-based instrument (and which member of the ensemble) would be best suited to play each element of the compositional structure.In other words, welcome to the 21st century, where compositional paradigms and a synthesis of learning styles can take on a whole new reversal of impact, influence, and imagination.



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Dominic Shodekeh Talifero (Composer)

Sō Percussion