Out of Bounds | World Premiere Sonic Experience

(Times x Times x Times)

Extended through February 1, 2022, available for download | Access from home or Times Square

Such strange times call for a new time signature. Is there still time to sit in the center of a city and hear the tide of traffic? To listen for a heartbeat? Times Squared is Times times Times; and Times in three dimensions? Times cubed. Times times Times times Times. Five Times. Five global extinctions. One planet. One city. 8.4 million people. Say that five times fast.

Composer Pamela Z and theatre artist Geoff Sobelle collaborate on a site-specific sonic journey through Times Square – past, present and imagined… What was this place? What is this place? And how did we get here? In this work of sound and space, the listener is brought into a realm where the city and score come together and fall apart and come together again.

Take a walk in Times Square and hear a score crafted specifically for your experience. Or listen in the comfort of your home and imagine a city carved by countless hands from a place once thick with trees… which may be headed that way again. This music, created through impressions of a space, was composed for listeners to tune themselves to the forces underfoot, back in time, and down the road. It is a soundscape created for you to experience the city.

Times3 (Times x Times x Times) is PROTOTYPE’s fourth iteration of Out of Bounds, a platform for new vocal performance pieces taking place in unlikely locations throughout New York. Through the works, public sites will become temporary spaces of contact, exchange, and refreshed social dynamics.

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Tickets to Times3 (Times x Times x Times) are free.

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Between 42nd-47th Streets and Broadway

Subway: A, C, E to 42nd Street, Port Authority; C, E to 50th Street; N, Q, R, 1, 2, 3, 7, S to 42nd Street, Times Square; 1, 2, 3 to 50th Street, or N, Q, R to 49th Street
Bus: M20, M16, M104, M7

Advance Parking
253 W 43rd St

Central Parking System
271 W 47th St
257-259 W 47th St
155 W 48th St
250 W 50th St
253 W 47th St
870-888 Eighth Ave

Geoff Sobelle

Pamela Z